[Young Post-SCMP] How a Hong Kong linguist promotes Cantonese education by creating online dictionary, storybooks, Wordle spin-off

Lau Chaak-ming, a linguistics professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, has been on a mission to improve resources for those wanting to learn Cantonese Every week, Talking Points gives you a worksheet to practise your reading comprehension with questions and exercises about the story we’ve written Sue Ng | Published: 14:00pm, 27 Feb, 2022 Sources: SCMP/YP/Discover/LifestyleFull […]

Rainbow Seeds Cantonese – How to use HBL Stories to Teach Cantonese

Rainbow Sees Cantonese (RSC) has been teaching children from bilingual families (ages 3-10+) for about 5 years so we totally understand the difficulty of learning Cantonese. Learning to ‘Listen’ and ‘Speak’ is the priority before establishing the ability to ‘Read” and ‘Write’. Materials for learning Jyutping or speaking Cantonese are lacking in the market, or they are too advanced to non-native speaking children, eventually disinteresting them learning the language. I’m glad that I met Hambaanglaang (HBL), which added more diverse and fun content into RSC’s lessons for my students.

Rainbow Seeds Cantonese 如何利用冚唪唥故事教廣東話

Rainbow Seeds Cantonese (RSC) 於英國教育雙語家庭小朋友(3至10歲+)將近五年,深深明白到學習廣東話所遇到的困難。必需先學習「聽」和「說」,才能有能力拓展「讀」與「寫」。市面上雖然有學習粵拼或訓練口語的書藉,但內容普遍沉悶及困難,大多為母語小朋友而設,當中的文字更是過於複雜,難以令小朋友輕鬆地學習,使他們對廣東話提不起興趣。有幸接觸到《冚唪唥》,讓我們於教學課程上更多元化,讓小朋友能更全面學習廣東話。

On the issue of climate change

This video “Climate Change – Save Global Village” that we posted during the COP 26 in Glasgow, received above average views and comments. Clearly the issue  of climate change weighs on the mind of our readership. Climate change is one of the 9 great bio-physical boundaries we have to live within https://www.stockholmresilience.org/research/planetary-boundaries.html  As most rational people […]

A story narration from Gurpreet. Our first from a person of non-Chinese origin.

The reason why we have a wide variety of narrators of stories is to be able to have the learner hear a diversity of spoken Cantonese that they will encounter on the street. As the project unfolded, our pool of narrators by default are native Cantonese Speakers who had immersed themselves in the language since […]

Miss Kini-學習廣東話的好幫手




The Importance of Jyutping in Learning Cantonese

The writing system of Cantonese is Chinese characters, the classification of Chinese characters is logogram in Linguistic studies. Which means one cannot directly notice the pronunciation of a Chinese character just by reading it, because Chinese characters did not show every single phoneme. Even if a beginner does not need to learn Chinese characters, a romanization system for Cantonese is still needed. There are about 19 initials, 53 finals, 6 tones in Cantonese. The numbers of these initials, finals and tones are limited, even the combination of them are limited.

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