休息係為咗行更遠嘅路 冚唪唥會再返嚟!The end of the beginning. HBL will be back!

Dear friends,

Welcome! kindly join us in celebrating the completion of phase 1 of the HBL project.

All of us at HBL have much to be proud of.

HBL is possibly the biggest community-created collection of materials and tools for early Cantonese learning. Keeping the project open source and copyright free under a CC 4.0 license has become the gold standard that is now seriously considered by new initiatives in academia and publishing. Our use of written Cantonese is now being followed by more and more authors.

The automation that we built allowed us to write, illustrate, voice record and layout an average of 2 new titles a week. This output is faster than conventional publication methods by many multiples.  In addition, we build the automation to generate interactive H5P videos, TPR Lesson generation and CEFR-based conversational practice.  Remarkably all of this was achieved by one full-time colleague and the founders, working over 2 years with the very generous help of volunteers.

The project, funded by the founders, sales of books and donations, demonstrated that with the right design and clear-headed execution, a lot can be done with very little outlay.

We demonstrated a new way of viable community-based open-source publishing that significantly lowered the entry barrier and included the neediest.

As a result, we now have a diverse selection of stories, lessons, videos and learning materials on our website. Covid-19 restrictions helped us accelerate this process as exceptionally talented volunteers made themselves available for much longer.

Today, to our delight, our faster, more inclusive and more modern method of publishing has been upended.  Large Language model (LLM) based Artificial Intelligence has exploded on the scene and advancing at a dizzying pace. This is a hugely democratizing moment. Education in general and early Language learning, in particular, is being reimagined as you read this. An AI-based personal tutor is a very achievable reality in the near term. For those who want to learn, high-quality education will no longer be the privilege of the entitled few.

All of this at a fraction of the cost and exponentially wider scope than what we achieved! We are overjoyed that the barriers to entry into publishing that we had lowered, AI is completely smashing. Now, anyone with a computer and imagination can generate content in many forms.  As a matter of fact, customised content can be generated on demand. The possibilities are endless. 

Ending on this high note, I am now taking a break and passing the baton to the new wave of content creators. HBL was a terrific experience and privilege for me and I look forward to upcoming initiatives that propel open-source Cantonese learning to higher planes.

Thank you, 




三年話長唔長,話短唔短,喺 Viveik,Joanne 同埋團隊所有人嘅努力之下,我哋推出咗實體故事書,整咗超過二百段故事影片,設計咗大量對話學習材料,開發咗粵拼跳跳紮轉換工具,仲聯絡咗海內外對廣東話有興趣嘅朋友,一齊創作咗好多新嘅內容。我覺得作為一個小型嘅群體,呢個成績都算係過得去嘅,可以同自己交代。









冚唪唥順利噉完成咗第一階段嘅所有目標,推出咗好多前所未有嘅資源畀大家學習廣東話同文化,我哋係時候要唞一唞,同埋諗下下一步可以做咩。其實呢個計劃一直都冇好清晰嘅方向同大綱,而係一路做,一路發掘可行嘅目標同不斷思考計劃嘅定位。適逢最近Large Language model (LLM) AI成為熱門技術,我哋又諗,AI可唔可以幫到我哋創作廣東話嘅故事呢?或者直頭教到廣東話?我哋都唔知,但絕對值得冚唪唥探索一下。


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