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Learning Cantonese as an Additional Language【Vivek Mahbubani x Hambaanglaang Cantonese】

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Japan girls

Japan (3,6,9 year-old)

All three of my daughters really enjoy these Cantonese readers. We are from Australia and live in Japan with Hong Kong heritage background…

My daughters speak English from home, Japanese from school and Cantonese has ended up being a third language, even though I have been trying to speak as much to them as I can since they were born. Since my daughters don’t speak much Cantonese and my Chinese reading ability is low, it has been difficult to find books to read to them. These readers have become a catalyst in igniting my children’s interest in Cantonese. My 9 yo really enjoys being able to ‘read’ Chinese by reading the jyutping. Since I help her, she’s learning to read with the proper tones but using the jyutping as prompts. Reading out aloud also helps them familiarise themselves with Cantonese grammar structures that they’ve heard me speak but have not yet been made concrete in their minds. At the same time, she is also learning to recognise Chinese characters. The stories in each of the readers, though simple, are well crafted, and each of my daughters have a favourite. I also love how the stories relate to Hong Kong life and they are subconsciously being introduced to life in Hong Kong. Finally, the comparison chart between the spoken and written Chinese at the back gives the opportunity for an additional layer of study if desired. I’m so thankful for these readers! I finally can see a way forward in helping my kids learn Cantonese.

The UK

The UK (5, 7 year-old)

We have just gone through the first five books and have been very impressed with the quality of the books and the reading experience. Rather than having to translate Chinese text to tell a story in Cantonese, the graphical Jyutping has enabled my little ones to read directly in Cantonese. I also like the variety of stories and appreciate how they promote diversity and inclusion. Thank you so much!

US- Chinese parent

USA (3 and 31 year-old)

The books are beautifully designed. They have a special feel to entice kids and adults more than print outs. I am so grateful for these readers as a resource for teaching my children Cantonese in a systematic way. What a great way to enhance their language environment and give our heritage language meaningful representation that is relevant to their life.

US-parent and kid

United State (32 year-old)

We love these Hambaanglaang books! I’m a Chinese American mom and wife who has been looking for books to teach Cantonese to both my toddler and my husband….

My husband thinks these books really redefine Cantonese learning for non-native speakers. He loves the graphical jyutping that makes it easy to visualize the tones. There is also word-for-word translation, something that is not always available in bilingual story books. As a mom for my young toddler, I love how I can read these as story books in colloquial Cantonese without having to convert from Written Chinese in my head. I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to creating these books!


Canada (32 year-old)

One of the best Cantonese learning resources I’ve only recently discovered. Very impressed with how much content is provided for those looking to learn.


Ireland (7 year-old)

We are a trilingual family with English, Cantonese and Italian spoken in the family. Once my daughter started going to school, I struggle a lot to help my daughter keep the Cantonese. …

Naturally, she mixes a lot of English in conversation with me. Not to mention about the reading and writing. I feel I’m losing the battle and the school is winning…! She can finish read a whole book in English but she can’t do so without me when the books are in Chinese. I enjoy the reading time with her but I can see that she doesn’t have much interest in learning reading Chinese much. She found it too difficult for her. Fortunately, there is this excellent graded Cantonese reader. I really appreciate how the Jyutping helps my daughter read INDEPENDENTLY. I did hesitate because I did try to avoid any English with her at home. But instead of fighting against it, I found out that using what she found easy (English alphabet) to build on her Chinese reading is a good approach. The most important thing is, this builds her independence in Chinese/ Cantonese stories reading. In turn, her confidence and interest in the language come back. I still remember the smile she had when she found herself able to read nearly the whole story herself. I can’t praise this graded reader enough. And I highly recommend overseas Cantonese parents invest in buying the set.

Australia (68 years-old)

Australia (68 year-old)

An excellent set of books. Please continue the excellent work

Hong Kong - but French, Belgium, British, Japanese (Adult)

Hong Kong - but French, Belgium, British, Japanese (Adult)

It is so nice for us to read Cantonese as it is spoken. Though conventionally this is not the way in Hong Kong, it is so important for us to read the language as it spoken so that we can learn. We’re really grateful to Hambaanglaang for producing this series with the characters, jyutping and English. It makes it so easy to learn. Hans Andersen Club, Lamma, Cantonese Students Class of 2021-22

Germany (34 years-old)

Germany (34 year-old)

Gaa1 jau2!!! With this well thought-out, high quality product beginners will have great start learning Canto



Netherlands - Tree Of Life Education

Netherlands - Tree Of Life Education (www.toledu.nl)

這套粵文教材對海外沒有廣東話語境的兒童來說,還是有點深。主要因為情境不同, 海外兒童難以有共嗚。 我主要用這教材來教海外成人廣東話, 成人選擇學廣東話,比較有興趣自己探索跟香港有關的文化,…

所以即使語境不同,仍能明白當中的內容。 最欣賞文本加上粵拼,而且配上不同顏色及字形高低代表不同聲調,有助讀準聲調。 唯這部分字體比較小,若在排版時能加大字體會更理想。 此外,每頁加上文化知識也是很好的安排,但建議加上英語翻譯。 故事書雖已作編排分級,但在同一級中未有再仔細分每本小書的級別,對於不認識粵文的讀者,未必能準確選擇先讀哪一本。 以上意見只針對個人教授海外學生而言,總體來說,「冚唪唥」粵文已是暫時坊間能找到很不錯的教材。感謝團隊的付出,讓有意學習廣東話的人能有一套教材學習。


Tree Of Life Education 荷蘭 www.toledu.nl


United States (6 year-old)

We received the 8 set 40 books from Gloria’s bookstore in the US! Loved them!
So much to read…Sometimes we read in English and sometimes in written Chinese in the back of the book. I also love the references to HK culture in the book… 

brings back so much memories that I can share with my daughter.
Sometimes if I don’t know the word, the jyutping also helps me to read.
My 6 year old daughter can read 3 out of the 5 books in the 1st set a month ago and we took out the 2nd set so she has more options.
Thank you for keeping Cantonese alive! Keep continuing what you do and will keep supporting and will buy as you print the next level sets!


Ireland (All age)

我哋<<粵語。愛爾蘭>>有一個網上廣東話故事時間,同埋係圖書館有每月一次廣東話英語雙語時間。我哋會選用唔同嘅華文故事書,包括冚唪唥嘅讀本。冚唪唥嘅讀本以廣東話口語書寫,仲附以粵拼,小朋友就算未認到啲華文字體,都可以用英文字母拼到讀音,令佢哋有好大滿足感。 我哋都感謝冚唪唥送咗兩套佢哋嘅讀本俾我哋送去本地圖書館,已經有家長借閱。家長好欣賞有故事英文版,令一向認為廣東話難學嘅小朋友發現原來粵語粵文其實都唔係佢哋想像中咁難。 …

Cantonese in Ireland has online Cantonese storytelling sessions every 1st and 3rd Saturday. We also tell story in Bilingual (Cantonese and English) in a city library once a month. We use different story books including the graded readers from Hambaanglanng. Hambaanglaang graded readers are written in colloquial Cantonese and jyupting, for children who haven’t yet been able to recognise the Chinese characters, they can read the stories using the jyupting. This gives them great sense of success and satisfaction. Thank you to Hambaanglaang that they gifted two sets of graded reader to local Irish libraries. Parents who borrowed the books from our city library appreciated that the English version of the stories helped their children discovered the fun to read Cantonese.

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Bulgaria (35-year-old)

As a new learner of Cantonese, having browsed through the majority of Cantonese learning resources and probably all freely available ones online, I can easily claim that Hambaanglaang is the easiest to work with for beginners such as myself. I’m still on Level 1 but have already realized that the short stories you share help me best memorize new vocabulary… 

The audio speech by a native speaker is an added bonus, as this helps with listening comprehension! Sadly, Cantonese as a taught/studied language is non existent in Bulgaria, where everybody refers to Mandarin as “Chinese language” (e.g. universities, language schools, private lessons, etc). Therefore, having access to your resources is something I highly appreciate! Keep up the good work!!! 

Much love from Bulgaria, 


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