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聆聽 Listening
聆聽先於製作。 傾聽並觀察以理解。 Listening Comes Before Production. Listen and observe to understand. TPR 嘅第一個目標係等學生理解單詞、短語、命令或表達嘅全部含義。 冇推 動產生正確嘅聲音,但邀請學生傾聽同觀察。 嘴巴唔會張開,但眼睛同耳仔會張開——就好似細路仔嘅情況一樣。 TPR 從“靜默階段”開始。 喺呢度,學生嘅工作係傾聽(並理解)命令係咩同 做出相應嘅反應。 冇對正確表達詞彙施加壓力。 The first goal of TPR is making the students understand what the word, phrase, command or expression is all about. There’s no push to produce the correct sounds, but there’s an invitation for students to listen and observe. Mouths are not opened, but eyes and ears are—just like how it happens with children. TPR starts with the “silent phase.” Here, the job of your students is to listen ( and understand) what the command is and respond accordingly. No pressures are placed on properly enunciating vocabulary. 請睇以下鏈接以獲取更多信息。 Please read this link for more information.
說話 Speaking
閱讀 Reading
寫作 Writing
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