On 17 th August I visited the library and Community Centre. 

I Met with Ms Patty Cheung who oversees the operation of the centre. 

It is a place for Chinese Lessons and crafts.  

They have storytelling sessions (photo) in Mandarin and may start one in Cantonese using our materials. 

This centre and library has been started by Ms lulu Roberts. They were very open to a meeting when I wrote them an email. 

A mother who took the steps needed to work out a solution.  Please read all about it here https://paloaltoonline.com/news/2022/07/29/brand-new-library-in-menlo-park-celebrates-chinese-traditions-and-community

Another example of the fearless “can do” attitude that powers so many projects in this space around the world. 

We hope this library and centre grows and continues to be a beacon for all Sinitic languages and cultures in the bay area.   

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