A generous sharing by Christelijk Kantonees Onderwijs 愛育中文學校, a Cantonese school in the Netherlands that has been using HBL’s graded readers in their children’s Cantonese classes.

In 2017 we started Cantonese lessons (once a week) in the Netherlands with 8 kids in the city ‘Zoetermeer’. It was really challenging for us to find the right workbooks and materials, especially for third-generation kids who want to learn Cantonese. In that school year, we started with books which we bought in Hong Kong, but it didn’t work for us. All were based on mandarin and it didn’t match the age, stories, spoken language and written language etc. The year after we decided to make our own workbooks. It was a major step forward. The kids and parents like the new format and it was the best decision ever. In all our spare time, we put into the new workbooks. Nevertheless we were searching throughout the whole internet for projects or initiatives that empower our approach. In 2021 a friend approach us to look at Hambaanglang. We were surprised and also relieved that such an initiative came from Hong Kong itself. Enthusiastic as we were, we bought some books and contacted Hambaanglang (Joanne). She was really helpful and thoughtful which helped us a lot. In 2022 we had 90 kids in our school and we decided to add Hambaanglang books, for some of the classes. The kids were positive. In 2023 we decided to incorporate the Hambaanglang storybooks into six of the eight classes we have at our school. We are thankful for Hambaanglang’s initiative, work, effort and dedication to keep the Cantonese language alive worldwide. Simple as it should be :). May God bless them.


Michael 校長 ‘愛育中文學校


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