A generous sharing by Christelijk Kantonees Onderwijs 愛育中文學校, a Cantonese school in the Netherlands that has been using HBL’s graded readers in their children’s Cantonese classes.

In 2017 we started Cantonese lessons (once a week) in the Netherlands with 8 kids in the city ‘Zoetermeer’. It was really challenging for us to find the right workbooks and materials, especially for third-generation kids who want to learn Cantonese. In that school year, we started with books which we bought in Hong Kong, […]

新鮮出爐互動影片 Interactive Videos are out now!

 答問題測試理解能力 Answer questions to test your comprehension 50條粵文分級1-3嘅互動影片今日推出。每條影片都有豐富題型嘅題目——選擇題、是非題、填充題、分類題等等,一邊聽故事,一邊答問題測試內容理解。仲有文法解說同文化介紹,適合自學或者粵語老師同家長陪學習者一齊睇。 50 interactive videos in Jyutman levels 1-3 are out today! Each video contains diverse types of questions—Multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks etc. You will answer questions while listening to the story to test your comprehension. There are also grammar notes and cultural introductions. […]

Special Thanks to our Online Resources Manager

Dear friends, this week is an important one for the project. Early this week, we uploaded the last of the titles to our website, YouTube and SoundCloud. Though the writing and editing of the titles had finished in June 2020, it took this time to process them into video, audio and pdf and upload and label them.

You might wonder. who is the person in charge of all this website and online platform work? It is my greatest pleasure to introduce to you our volunteer Ms Manasi Thapa who has handled this operation starting from the first video in June 2020.  

【APNEWS】As Cantonese language wanes, efforts grow to preserve it

While most classes in Hong Kong’s schools are still taught in Cantonese, many have added Mandarin to their curriculum as Beijing tries to strengthen its grip over the semi-autonomous city. The arrival of mainland Chinese for work or education has also boosted Mandarin, and more Hong Kong residents have learned to speak Mandarin to do business with the mainland.
But such changes have not eroded Cantonese, Lau said. “Cantonese has never been stronger in Hong Kong,” he said.

【獨立媒體報道】大學教授、印裔港人夥百名義工製粵拼故事書 盼助非華語學生:想大家學會欣賞廣東話

【獨媒報導】學習一門新語言,離不開聽和讀故事書等途徑。偏偏在香港,即使尋遍各大書店,亦很難找到廣東話寫成的故事書。「萌塞」、「 用力掹」等日常用語,究竟怎樣書寫?又如何解釋字眼的意思? 「廣東話被譽為最難學習的語言之一,是因為沒有合適的教材。」


究竟香港嘅非華語學生喺中文學習上面對緊啲咩困難?咩方法先可以有效解決到佢哋嘅學習需要? 冚唪唥嘅Co-Founder Viveik Saigal 聯同合作伙伴 Integrated Brilliant Education 嘅Co-Founder Manoj Dhar,接受 RTHK Radio 3 NoreenMir 嘅訪問,討論冚唪唥粵文同IBEL嘅觀點同提倡嘅方案,可以點樣更切合本港非華語學生嘅中文學習處境。 We’re talking about learning Cantonese for students from non-Chinese-speaking families. We’re joined at 1.30 by Viveik Saigal, the co-founder of HamBaangLaang, which is a community initiative that explores Hong Kong, Cantonese and Asian cultures by storytelling and activities in […]

On 17 th August I visited the library and Community Centre.

I Met with Ms Patty Cheung who oversees the operation of the centre.

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